Conference Programme 2019

Welcome to the Saudi Transtec 2019 Conference!

Saudi Transtec 2019 – Supporting the Delivery of Vision 2030 Throughout the Transport & Logistics Community

Supported by the Saudi Ministry of Transport and Asharqia Chamber of Commerce

Now in its 8th year, the Saudi Transtec 2019 team are proud to introduce our conference and editorial agenda for our 2019 show, our aim – to help support the delivery of the Saudi Vision 2030 throughout the KSA’s logistics and transport community.

The Saudi Vision 2030 offers an unparalleled opportunity for the KSA’s logistics sector – strategically located, the KSA is fast becoming the logistics hub for the entire region with a growing rail, air, maritime and road infrastructure.

So how does Saudi Vision 2030 impact the Logistics and Transport Community?

With a diverse workforce, as well as sweeping social and economic reforms the KSA is in a unique position to becoming a strategic partner for the global logistics industry – with a focus on the practicalities of implementing Saudi Vision 2030 and its implications for the Saudi Logistics & Transport community, the conference will provide a unique platform for industry debate.

With this in mind we will bring the key stakeholders from across the KSA & GCC and global supply chain to assess the following themes:

    • What Role Can the Saudi Logistics Play in Realizing the Full Potential of Saudi Vision 2030 – where are the challenges and opportunities?
    • Identifying Areas of Opportunity, Employments and Skills for Young Saudis and Saudi Women in the KSA’s logistics sector
    • Embedding Saudi Vision 2030 policy firmly into the KSA’s Supply Chain
    • Developing Tactical Relations Between Industry & Government – how can the sector and government develop ever closer ties?
    • Developing the Rail, Road, Air & Maritime Infrastructure of the KSA – what is happening and where?
    • Out of Area Opportunities – Increasing Post Brexit Trade with the UK and the BRICS
To Support the Sector we will also be Launching at the Saudi Transtec 2019 Conference:
      • The Saudi Transtec Young Professionals and Women in Logistics Networks
      • Day of Education, Training & Skills – equipping the next generation of Saudi Logisticians
      • Special Focus Panel Sessions plus Top-Level Government & Industry Keynotes
      • The Hub – the blog of the KSA’s logistics community
      • Top Level Networking and One – on – One Meetings

As the KSA continues its economic diversification along the lines of the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030 agenda one thing is abundantly clear – this cannot be achieved without the support and participation of the KSA’s Logistics and Transport communities – attending Saudi Transtec 2019 provides a unique platform for you to meet and network, learn and develop your corporate strategies and assess the latest trends and innovations!

If you would like to join the Transtec conference as a delegate, partner, sponsor or speaker please do get in touch – equally for all PR queries relating to the conference, networks and associated workshops please contact the Conference Manager Nic Cobb on

call +44 (0)7541 350 439.